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Movie watching experience has changed over the years and people are now turning to other mediums to check out the experience from communal watching to individual choices. To indulge audiences who have now shorter attention spans and they can flit from one thing to other to watch something more interesting. To keep the audiences hooked and make them come back for more and what as a provider you can make them get back to seeing content that you are putting out is a big challenge which many online movie streaming providers are willing to take. This is because the audience tastes are changing, and they are willing to take a risk of watching something different each time and stick to the staple fare that is shown on regular tv. Now watch online movie streaming on putlocker.

Streaming of movies

The streaming of movies is a recent evolution of movies are being watched. People had to wait till there would be a theatrical release and then a wait for it on the VHS cassette form to the DVDs of now, but with the streaming option has made this wait shorter and the curious audience can now catch up on the latest movies faster and watch them on their devices. There can now be standalone players or plugin to get you the signal and you can tap on this and watch your favourite movie in the comfy of your room through a web browser. Now watch online movie streaming.

The usual things that are required for a streaming would be

  • Server
  • Information stream
  • Decoder

The above have to work together to get you good streaming media files. You would need specific streaming file formats to process them and get to you for viewing purposes. There is also the regular streaming and also a pseudo streaming or progressive downloading platform that is used.

Most of the streaming videos don’t have the regular size pictures and stretching them may drop the quality, the reduction in the frame rate will let you know the transition from one frame to another which can be seen in a live streaming process. Compression of the whole data will filter out the required to make the file smaller and streaming easier. The multi bitrate coding is used to accommodate all the different connection types. Real time transfer protocol, streaming protocol, transport control.

There are streaming choices

  • Live or on demand
  • Unicast or multicast

Live webcasts require extra equipment which has to attached, onsite computer can help compress the code and help stream the live video feed in real time or via satellite uplink or there are service providers who that for you. In a unicast stream each individual gets his/her own stream of data. The multicast will involve a router which enable many viewers.

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