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How to recover your forgotten or lost password on Twitter

Twitter is most widely used and world’s famous social media network which is used by several numbers of celebrities and also the normal people. Similar to some other social media platforms, twitter also requires you to give a valid email id and password in order to open an account. Sometimes, a few people forget or lost their saved password and unable to open their account. At this situation, this Twitter account recovery guide will be greatly helpful at all.  At some situation, they forget the email id which was used to open the twitter account. For both these problems, these account recovery steps will be very helpful at all.

Recovering Twitter account

An up to date and accurate email id or/and telephone number is the best step which you can make use for ensuring you never lose the access to your Twitter account. Everyone with this problem should need to take a moment and make sure the phone number or/and email address you have connected with your twitter account is up to date.

  • From your logged in Twitter account, you have to click on the profile icon and select Settings and Privacy.
  • Click on the password tab.
  • Enter your current/old password.
  • Now, you have to enter the new password.
  • Save your changes by clicking on the Save changes button.

YouTube influencers for the special people

However, the people are talented and well-learned in all fields. They should be recognized as the best way for their enhancement in their career. An encouragement can make the people stay positive and the boost to achieve more in life. And nowadays there have various ways to identify and recognize their talent through the use of social platforms. And, one of the most important famous and widely used by many people is YouTube. It has been used by millions of people around the world as infotainment and also for entertainment. To be recognized by people they should be the top YouTube influencers which includes various talents to be exposed in the platform.